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We specialize in building websites using WordPress. This gives the benefit of reliability, super quick loading speeds, top-notch code and frequent security updates. It also allows clients to easily change the text or publish blog posts on their own. How empowering is that?! 😀

What’s the difference between a nice looking website and a great user experience? The juice is in the subtle ways that a visitor moves about and interacts with a site. We’re experts at tweaking websites for maximum conversion and ROI.

We really know our sh*t when it comes to WordPress.

By harnessing the full power of WordPress (the content management software that powers 40% of the entire internet), we create highly bespoke websites to suit our client’s exact requirements. 

We use WordPress because of its customizability, fast loading speed (if done right!), regular security updates, and simple, polished admin interface for a truly user-friendly experience that allows the client to easily update text and add blog posts or products without needing to enlist our help.

There’s a right way — and a lot of wrong ways to develop in WordPress.

WordPress is only foolproof if you build it the right way. We frequently get clients who come to us after a bad experience with another firm, and after their website gets hacked or isn’t showing up in Google because it’s so slow loading or not mobile optimized. Here’s a few examples of ways that other firms often get WordPress wrong: they add too many plugins; they add plugins that are poorly maintained or that are packaged with malware; they let overseas developers add nulled plugins (hacked versions of paid plugins); they haven’t put in the continuous research to know the optimal plugins to use; they didn’t choose a good host; they didn’t use a CDN to speed up the load speeds worldwide; they were lazy and used a heavy theme; they used a theme that won’t be maintained long-term; they didn’t properly optimize for mobile, so the site doesn’t come up in Google on mobile; they were lazy and used a drag-and-drop page builder instead of creating fast-loading Gutenberg blocks, etc. etc… we could go on, but you get the picture.

We’re obsessive about sustainability and security.

We are maximizers by nature. WordPress isn’t just a tool we just to slap together websites. It’s our obsession. That means that we don’t just pick the first solution that will get the job done. We search and search (and search) and explore every option until we find the best solutions for each client’s needs. The solutions that will be the best for the long-term sustainability of the website.

So, with us, you don’t need to worry that you’ll need to change your website a few years down the road to keep it secure, or re-do its code to get it to load quickly. The sites we build are future-proof.

Your smart website is made just for you, with a unique style and design. You can make quick updates (or we can do it for you), and each month, our team will analyze your website and make updates and recommendations just for you.

You can rest easy that it’ll get done the best way… the first time saving you money in the long run. We’ll work with you to create a super fast-loading, sustainable, and visually impressive website.

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