Looking for a work-from-home job?
Cool!  We’re hiring!

Want the job? Contact us on Skype under juicerocket
or talk to Andrew on Facebook.

  • We provide easy-to-follow instructions.
  • These are long-term jobs. You can keep the job forever, so long as you are reliable and don’t flake.
  • You’ll need to work a minimum of 2 hours each weekday, but ideally you’d work full time.
  • If you flake, you’re out. If you need time off and tell us in advance, that’s fine.
  • NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY …but you must know how to write in English. You can use Grammarly.com to help, but the end result must be grammatically correct.

Social Media Assistant Job

We are hiring for a social media assistant job that involves writing (not articles, just short opinions on things) and promoting posts (promoting blog posts in Facebook groups and blogger pods). Not sure what a pod is? Read this if you don’t know what pods are. If you are able to write with personality, this is the fun job for you!

Blog Writing Job

We need to hire a blog writer (who will also manage the blog’s social media and interview people via text chat for articles). Topics: fitness, beauty, health, models, fashion, cooking, recipes.


We are looking for someone who can illustrate in this style.

WordPress Coder

We are looking for someone who is a badass expert WordPress coder, to help build custom plugins, custom themes, and do troubleshooting.

Commission-Based Sales

We need help getting new clients for Juice Rocket, and also brand sponsorships for our blogger clients. We’ll provide detailed instructions. It’s fun, and if you’re good at sales it could be extremely profitable. You can do it on your own schedule and take home 5% of the sales you bring in. So if you bring in a $50k sale, that’s $2,500 US!! You must have absolutely perfect English for this job, and be very reliable and creative. You must also be able to work at least 3 hours per day.

Graphic Design

We need someone with a great sense of visual style to process and create stylized photos for blogs and social media, using free software like Canva and Fotor.

Skype: juicerocket
3477-ROCKET (...that's +1-347-762-5386)
Based in Connecticut with a global mindset
Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 17:00

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