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Your Guide To Online Privacy (Are You Tempting Fate?)

Last updated: November 19, 2020 If you’re running a company and you’re not using secure email and chat providers, then you’re tempting fate. Why? Because email is a 30-year-old technology that’s inherently insecure, since it’s transmitted in clear text and stored in multiple hops between destination and recipient, where its contents may be intercepted, altered, […]

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The Truth Behind Facebook Ads (Spoiler: Frauds & Fakers)

If you own a Facebook fan page (or you’re planning to make one), you’re probably thinking — “How the hell do I get more followers, likes, and engagement?” Whether you’re an individual, ‘influencer’, or a company aiming for that celebrity-­like status over social media, you’ve probably tried the almighty Facebook Ads. Whenever people mention something about how […]

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